SEO Blogger For Firefox is a plugin for Firefox just released by Wordtracker. This free plugin functions as a keyword research tool which will help you get those keywords and phrases which are most searched according to a seed keyword or phrase that you specify and takes count of those you have used while writing your article or blog post online.

It will only work on Firefox (read the requirements). As with any other Firefox plugins, once you install it you can get it to work immediately.

This plugin is meant to help you in writing your blog post by providing you a list of keywords which are most searched for your topic or subject you are writing. So, login into your blog and get ready to write your post.

You activate SEO Blogger by clicking on the small icon on the lower right corner of your browser. When activated, it shows a sidebar with the SEO Blogger interface.



To use it, you just enter a seed keyword or keyword phrase which  corresponds to the subject or topic of your writing into the field labeled ‘Enter a word’ and hit the ‘Search’ button. Like the online version of the freekeyword wordtracker tool, SEO Blogger For Firefox gives you a list of related and more specific keywords each with its search volume information.

As you type your article or post online, SEO Blogger for Firefox takes count of those keywords on the list which is used in your writing. This way, you can monitor how much of those keywords are used in your article or blog post or the so called keyword density.

By using the SEO Blogger For Firefox plugin you are one step closer to improving your blog’s visibility in search engines. It’s a neat and valueable tool.

Download your copy of SEO Blogger For Firefox here.



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SEO Blogger For Firefox
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