Google recently announced a new keyword tool which will look specifically at your website and provide new keywords ideas relevant to your site based on searches on Google. These searched keywords are listed with their number of searches which are taken from the last 12 months from Google.

This new tool should help site owners by giving them search query data that’s specifically relevant to the content on their site. You can use the tool to do research to find relevant keywords for your website (of course you can also point the tool to look at other websites).

The tool can be found at the Google Search-based Keyword Tool site.

To use this tool, you do not need to be logged in. Just enter any website URL you wish to analyze and hit the ‘Find Keywords’ button. You can also set parameters for the results by adding keywords or phrases to match. If needed, you can apply more parameters by clicking the ‘More filters’ option.

However, if you login to your Google account, you have the benefit to view results directly customized to the websites you are advertising through AdWords. You choose one of your websites from a drop down list and then you can even get keyword ideas for a specific page in your website.

It will base its results on your website with the keywords you currently use and provide you with additional keyword ideas, excluding any keywords already in your AdWords account. So, if you’re logged in and enter a website which is not being advertised through AdWords, the tool will not be able to give any results.

Along with the monthly search numbers, the tool also provides suggested bid amounts for each keyword in the results that should be sufficient to get your ad  within the top three position of a search page for that keyword.

When you click on the magnifying glass icon, it will make a related query to the Google Insight For Search and you can view its search trend there. When you click on the keyword instead, you will be taken to the Google Search result page of the keyword which was queried for you.

The tool is currently in beta at the time of writing this post, so it is most probably still open to user feedback for improvements.

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