First off straight to the matter – Now would be a good time to find a replacement for Yahoo Site Explorer!

We know that when doing keyword research, one of the things you do would be analyzing the backlinks for those sites within the top 10 search results as in competition analysis. The most common tool being used for this is usually the Yahoo Site Explorer. But now it seems it will be taken offline soon so, again, it’s a good time now to find a replacement for Yahoo Site Explorer.

TIme to find a replacement for Yahoo Site Explorer

Since Yahoo’s search engine has been in a sort of cooperation with Bing and that Bing does not put as much emphasis on links pointing back to a site for it to rank in the sarch results, word has it that the Yahoo site Explorer tool would also loose its value and be disbanded.

This leaves a yet another powerful Yahoo based online tool in the scrap yard. Before this, the well known and welcomed online tool was the Overture Keyword tool that was also junked into the scarp yard. As for keyword suggestion tools, there are still a few popular ones such as the obvious Google Keyword Tool, Wordtracker and SEObook.

A replacement for Yahoo Site Explorer ( YSE ) tool however, should allow you to gather links on a certain url you wish to analyze. There are some settings in the tool which should provide you with several options to filter out the links gathered for the url in question. One of the filter in YSE is the “except from this domain”.

As you already know applying this filter will give you a list of links from sites external from the domain in question, meaning that the url listed are links pointing to the domain or page you’re analyzing. This is a most useful information one can get for backlinks to a domain. As you know, major search engines, particularly Google, put much weight on links pointing to a web page to determine its rank in the search results.

So, from this list you can explore what type or what kind of webpage or website the link is generated from. You can look to see the quality of the webpage or what type of content it has, how relevant the content is on that page relatively to the content of the domain you are analyzing.

As for the site explorer tool, there are also however just a few alternatives. They’re nearly as good as the Yahoo Site Explorer, if not same or even better – some say, however, if you haven’t heard of them one only need to get used to them for a change of tool.

I personally would suggest either Majestic SEO’s Site Explorer or SEOmoz’s Open Site Explorer – as its name suggests – is the closest ( at least from its name ) to the Yahoo Site Explorer.

The Open Site Explorer is hosted and maintained by SEOmoz, a well known and respected SEO excellence site who analyze and research anything about search engines and SEO for living. There is a free non-account feature of OSE you can use immediately however you need to setup an account to be able to use the tool effectively.


Recommended Choices of Replacement for Yahoo Site Explorer

Ahrefs [ ] – A definitively paid tool with 14 day trial. A lite personal account for $99 per month for 5 campaigns.

Backlinks Watch [ ] – is still alive and still shows up to 1,000 results including the anchor text being used.

Open Site Explorer [ ] – the free version shows the number of backlinks and a selection of anchor text being used along with some other useful related site & link data. To get the most out of the tool you might want to get the paid Pro version though.

Majestic SEO [ ] – if you verify that you own the website you get a bit more info, which can include anchor text analysis, backlinks types, link building paste and a comparison with your competitors – for free. However, still the paid account is where you actually get all the essentials.

SEMrush ] – Create a free account with them and get various insights of your site. One of a few good choices to go with.

Replacement for Yahoo Site Explorer

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