Google: One Domain Per Ad Group, full stop!

Google now insists that all display URLs that are within an ad group must have and show the same top level domain.

So, what’s the fuss here? Wasn’t it always that case? Well for you people who have been using AdWords for a while, you knew that it was possible to get away with a setting in which case the top level domain was actually different in an ad group but was visually bearly noticeable.

Let’s check out this example. Suppose our top level domain is ‘’ and we’re running ad AdWords ad with a target keyword of say ‘photography course’. Previously we could set the display URL to something like: ‘’ or ‘’.

Why would you want to do that anyway, you ask? Well for the majority of marketers it was done for the purpose of testing to get a higher CTR. Different settings of display URLs can have different results in CTR and the only way to make sure is to test them out.

Obviousy this one domain per ad group policy by Google has the purpose to improve user experience, as Google always does, which is actually welcomed.

So, as for now, this method is done for. Marketers using AdWords now need to adapt to this strictend policy by Google and move on.

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