keyword researchKeyword Research Importance – So, you can find out competing webpages for the keywords or keyword phrases you’re targeting by manually by doing a search in Google for the keyword in question. The search result page will give out the number of webpages out there which mention the phrases that matches the query at the top-right part of the search result page. Pretty straight forward and easy right?

Now consider this: if you just happen to check out a number of keywords of just a few, say 3 to 5, this approach would be naturally acceptable. But now if you have about 50 keywords, you will need to repeat this 50 times and if you have 200 keywords, you repeat it 200 times and so on … you get the point!

To save yourself valueable time it would be wise to use some sort of software that does just that. It wouldn’t be that hard to find a keyword research software from the internet. There are spreads of keyword software tools out there, those from total freewares to those advanced keyword research software.

The next question would normally be “Which keyword research software is right for me?”. Well, it depends – again – on what your intentions and needs are. If your just starting out and would like to just get the grip on keyword research, you might get those simple tools which are free and online. Try to find those which can get related competition data. They should get you started well on track.

If you just happen to check out a number of keywords of just a few, say 3 to 5, this approach would be naturally acceptable. But now if you have about 50 keywords, you will need to repeat this 50 times and if you have 200 keywords, you repeat it 200 times and so on …

However, if you begin to need more information on a keyword other than how many searches there are and the number of competing web pages, then you need to look further for a more feature-rich keyword research tool.

There are many professional keyword research software that have loads of features. I assume there are even ones that have some features which doesn’t get used by most users simply because it’s too complicated or because the feature simply does not meet the user’s specific needs.

Not to mention the price range of these software tools can be anywhere from $50 to $200 or even maybe more. Some charge one time payment only, some charge initial payment and even require additional subscription fees.

The point is that you need to consider what’s best for you, whether you’re ready for such investment and what benefits you most through your decision. It’s best to determine in front what your immediate and future specific needs are.


The Tools




If you’re just starting out and looking for a free keyword software tool which does it in a simple but quite effective way, you might want to download a copy of Niche Taser. A recently introduced free keyword research software which does the exact same basic thing as we have discussed our previous post on basic keyword research. Let me refresh: we insert our keyword into the Google AdWords Keyword Tool, specifiy the language and country settings, enter a captcha and hit the “Get keyword ideas’ button

Niche Taser does all that within the software itself. It also lets you perform filtering through its filter settings. A simple but powerful basic feature.

Note: Be careful with the number of keywords you search in Google for exact match phrases. Too many requests may have your IP blocked, so you should limit your keywords to not more than 100 to be on the safe side.



Market Samurai Keyword Research Software

Now, when you are ready to move on to a more complex and professional keyword research software tool to deepen your analysis of your keywords in your niche, you might want to get a keyword research tool which is able to perform a more detailed and specific analysis and then filter out those keyphrases which are not beneficial to your research aim and keep & use those which are potentially productive and profitable.

One such software tool that stands out from the crowd is Market Samurai. Market Samurai has recently proven itself to be actually one of the most, if not THE most, advanced software tool used by many top and leading online business professionals. It has many modules in it and one of them is the keyword research module.

If you are wondering how to get access to the keyword research module and how much such an advanced software would cost when you’re actually weighing your investment budget just for a keyword research software tool, then you’re in your best of luck!! Seriously!

Why you say? Because the guys who made Market Samurai are so generous that they allow you to use the Keyword Research module free for life. It costs you nothing! Zip! Zero! Yes, you read it right: the Keyword Research module is free! [Big thanks to Brent & the whole team]

Find out more about Market Samurai in my upcoming post on doing keyword research using this keyword research tool.

Meanwhile, Happy hunting ! :-)

In case you’ve missed it, have a read of the previous part of Keyword Research Importance (1)



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    Thank you Thank you. Finally someone who really knows what he is writing about.
    You are pretty good, good advices, hope I can do it as well.

  • 2013-01-21 at 15:13

    Hi! I’m not very technical but I figure since you mentioned it’s free I tried Niche Taser. I ended up getting my IP blocked because I used too many keywords to query Google.

    Then later, of course, I just realized that the author had already put up to mention to be careful when using too many keywords. Bummer !!

    Just sharing my two cents in credit to your post here. Thanks Ivan Appreciate it.

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