Google has just officially launched a new tool called Google Insights For Search. This tool is much like the previous successful Google Trends but has more features & functionalities. As Google had stated that they’re launching a new product designed with the advertiser in mind, it is apparently their intention to help advertisers and marketers to understand search behavior

With Google Insights For Search, an advertiser can type in his or her search term and gets the resulting data in a bunch of graphical presentation as you would in Google Trends but with more flexibility & functionalities which allows you to further study and analyze the data for various specifics and compare search volume patterns based on specified terms of categories, geographic regions or time ranges.

The presentation of related Top Searches and Rising Searches for each compared search terms is a very helpful feature to giving more ‘insight’ to the search behaviour of the given term. However, one must notice that the numbers presented on the graphs, as Google stated, do not represent absolute search volume numbers instead they have been normalized and scaled from 0-100.

Real search volumes (approximated) can now be acquired from the recent change in the Google Keyword Tool instead.

Users are able to view the numbers and download the results from this new tool, however they will be required to sign into their Google account.

Google Insight For Search Launched

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