You guessed it right: this can only happen in the digital world. Creating your own products this way can be done if you know the right places to go to. This time I’m not talking about creating digital products such as a specific software or ebooks about methods of monetizing your website or anything like that. I’m talking about tangible physical products. So, how goes?  
To create your product, just have your imagination-engine started and get crunching. Like any other product creation process, it always starts with your imagination. Usually you would capture these into scribbles, sketches or drawings and then spin-off some technical specs for the engineering and production guys and finally have them realize the product. Simply speaking.
Some literal aspects of this simple concept of product creation process can now be realistically implemented. Meaning, the process is really that simple: create your drawings & specs and have the production guys implement them for realization and your product is simply created. You don’t have to worry about investing the needed equipment and resources to manufacture , store and ship your product as they are being provided by a host of product realization services. These are the ‘production guys’ so to speak.
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Create Your Own Products With Minimal Up-Front Investment

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  • 2009-10-14 at 02:24

    Thanks for your methods, many people like us have thins points, we don`t have enough money to do which we want to do.


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