In a recent research at UC Berkeley, scientists have created and revealed new metamaterials structured like a fishnet which have the ability to bend near-infrared light. The metamaterials are constructed in a multilayered manner and exhibits negative refractive index, allowing three dimensional invisibility for the first time.

However, it will still require much and significant engineering and development to put this new concept into practical uses of cloaking devices, as quoted from the report:
Cloaking materials must guide light in a very precisely controlled way so that it flows around an object, re-forming on the other side with no distortion. The Berkeley materials can bend light in the fundamental way necessary for cloaking, but they will require further engineering to manipulate light so that it is carefully directed.”

In the coming initial development it would probably have more practical applications in optical telecommuncations, microelectronics, microscopy and other related microscopic applications.

Cloaking Device On The Horizon
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