Remember Chris Anderson? While his previous book which hit the top selling best sellers was ‘The Long Tail’, his latest book is now about ‘FREE’.

In ‘Long Tail’ he described the strategy of niche market applied in business such as by and netflix where they sell a large number of unique items with each having small quantities of inventory.

To date, the long tail has become a term that is widely used in the online world particularly in online business, social networks, viral marketing and some other related areas.

This concept has now also become an important strategy in the somewhat technical aspect of the online business such as in the fields of keyword research, search engine optimization and search engine marketing.

The ideas that Chris Anderson shared in his two books are figuratively more applicable in the online world of the internet, where everything has a more lighter mass movement compared as those in the offline world.

Chris Anderson’s latest insight he shared is his book about the FREE stuff.

Want to dig in and have a read? As the book is about free stuff, you can read it online FREE ! or on hardcopy – Free: The Future of a Radical Price

Either way: Enjoy !

FREE (full book) by Chris Anderson


Chris Anderson’s Free Book
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